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Foreign Workers Management and National Security.


Foreign Worker Management System (FERMES) is equipped with latest cutting-edge technologies such as Cloud Computing compatibility with Google, Azure, and Amazon clouds, latest field-level encryption technology to boost security, a real-time information exchange platform and latest user experience enhancements.

There are a number of operational enhancements incorporated in the system to accommodate custom workflow processes and interact with different existing systems using a wider range of specifications, among many other enhancements.

Advantages of FERMES

Integrated Operations Center (IOC)

FERMES can optimize the operational awareness through an Integrated Operations Center and can provide a central and secure repository of the overview of functions being undertaken.

Big Data Analysis & Artificial Intelligence Native Support

FERMES has been developed with Big Data and AI in mind from the grounds up. The Big Data Situation Awareness System (BDSAWS) powering an Integrated Control Center (IOC) is unlike any current system has to offer. FERMES utilizes its blazing-fast Hadoop servers for data management and query without compromising the efficiency of the rest of the system.

Improved Employer / Candidate relationship

The process of sourcing an employer’s demand with the potential candidates is always lengthy and complicated in online systems. The sourcing of workers is overseen by the agents assigned to the employer, which results in the employer being dependent at foreign agents. This may introduce mal-practices induced by overseas agents. However, FERMES operates on a totally transparent basis by matching the potential candidates with the employer’s requirements. This put the employers in-charge of their recruitment process.

Facial Recognition & NFC Card Verification

The enforcement officers and police, upon investigating a foreign worker, can verify the worker’s status by taking the worker picture and getting the worker details from Immigration systems directly using Facial Recognition.

Smart App Companion

Mostly systems have been failed to integrate with smart devices and provide any useful value in this area of technology. This is a huge waste of an opportunity that could turn out in a very advantage for agencies in terms of security and enforcement. FERMES supports quite a few companion apps, these apps are developed for different user types, including the foreign workers, worker representatives, support personnel, enforcement officers, IOC personnel and the representatives of related embassies. These smart apps serve different operations in each user role to help in making their functions easier and fruitful.

FERMES is not only technologically advanced but at Emerald Range Sdn Bhd, our team possesses the expertise, capability, and skills uniquely required to develop and deploy such systems with fluency and with ease, in the shortest time possible.

Moreover, Emerald Range Sdn Bhd are the developers and holds the intellectual property rights for FERMES, and can make any proposed changes to the system with the best, most secure and rapid development route, without consulting any third parties.

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