A Foreign Employee Recruitment & Management System


A complete eco-system for foreign workers

Overseas Workers in Malaysia


There are over 4m foreign workers registered with Immigration Malaysia. However, the demand is still very stiff.

FERMES incorporates a complete eco-system ranging from the creation of demand to the visa process in the host country, receipt of workers in Malaysia and then push this information through the intelligent systems for predictive analytics to assist government and agencies for their policy making information.

Used For

A Cloud based Workforce Management System, facilitating;

Work Permits
  • Agriculture
  • Plantation
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Service
  • Maids
Professional & Vocational
  • Professional Permit
  • Students
Govt. Schemes
  • 6P
  • 3P
  • Etc.

Main Modules


Employer Demand

Verification & Attestation for Employer’s Demand of foreign workers

KDN Approvals

Manages KDN Approvals for Employers for hiring Foreign Workers

Calling Visa

Management of Calling Visas for each worker

Employer HR Dept

Provide necessary tools for HR Department for the Employer in order to effectively mange foreign workers

Worker Selection

Selection of Workers for the purpose of documentation for Calling Visas

Airport Reception

Meet the worker at the Port of Entry and receive workers on behalf of employers

Legal / Compensation

Provide Legal assistance and compensation management schemes


The module to deal with embassies both in Malaysia and also in worker’s home country

Financial Inclusion

FERMES // Centralized Payments

NO manual payments are collected by agents at any stage

Smart Platform

Smart Apps / e-Wallet

Remittance & Wages can be credited directly to e-Wallets thus reducing risk and pressure on conventional banking.


Secure Env

Latest cutting edge technologies are embedded into these smart apps.

Global Remittance

Send money to the relatives back home in an instance.

Fast Utility

Use Salary for Savings, Pay Bills, Buy Tickets and off course shopping.

Security / Facial Recognition

Unparallel Security - FERMES

Identification Results

Taslima Akhtar Lima


Sucess : Person found with 100% confidence. ID : bf0e2d06-956c-42b3-9732-bf6ca06b091b

Facial Identification

Use Facial Recognition to identify registered individual

Upload Picture

Typical Workflow

FERMES // Host Country

e.g. Bangladesh

Worker Registration

Workers are registered for the potential placement.

Worker Skills Test / Interview

Employer conducts remote interview and Workers go through an optional Skills Verification Process.

Medical Check-up

Bio medical check up is undertaken at the certified clinics.

Reference Visa Service

Once Calling Visa is received from Malaysia, Visa-with-reference is obtained from Malaysian High Commission in host country for worker to travel to Malaysia.

Biometrics & Security Clearance

Successful Candidates go through Biometrics and Immigration Security Clearance System.

Air Tickets & Travel Arrangements

Once everything is in place, travel arrangements are undertaken for the worker and worker flies to Malaysia.

Welfare Management in Malaysia

Workers are receipt at port-of-entry and Visa Stamping & FOMEMA are undertaken. Moreover further welfare actions are kept in place.


FERMES // Welfare & Support

You are not alone!

Support reduces illegal workers:


Of foreign workers leave their jobs in an illegal way because they do not have someone better to advice them for.

FERMES Welfare & Support program would provide legal assistance and expert advice on the matters faced during work. This would not only mitigate any adverse situation but by having proper advice, workers would refrain from running away and working illegally in the country.

Multi Lingual

FERMES – speaks your language

FERMES – speaks your language

Extensible with APIs

FERMES is build on the basis of extensibility and enhancement. The Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) module enhances FERMES ability to integrate with other systems.

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