What is HURIS?

The Ultimate Human Resource Intelligence System

HURIS brings the Artificial Intelligence, decades of experience in
development and recruitment to the latest and cutting edge
platform accessible by all.
HURIS serves as a targeted Human Resource Intelligence System
that provides insights to the development of national human
resource capital in a country

Enhanced Intelligence

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9 m

Of Pakistani national are residing outside of the country and being part of the global economic growth.

These overseas Pakistanis’ are switched to new jobs and employment opportunities every two years. This create a huge demand on the Ministry of Human Development & Overseas Pakistanis’ to deploy a management system that is able to manage and enhance the national skillset and compete in the global arena of opportunities.

Key Process of HURIS

A Turn Key Solution for National Human Development
Process of Human Development with HURIS

HURIS provides human resource management of a country with a single window operation and act as a turn-key
solution. The system provide targeted analysis on National Skills Management and the predictive analysis for the
policy makers to contribute the effective policies to sustain economic growth

Value Proposition

Why a nation embraces change?

Remittance Prediction

Foreign Reserve Analysis


Of the money earned is remitted back to the homeland by a majority of workers. This influx is mostly non planned due to the lack of proper platform.

We calculated models for remittance trends with 86% accuracy using Artificial Neural Network modelling of deep learning.



HURIS – Core Pillars

The Areas of Focus

HURIS // Core Modules

These are just few, there are 20+ Core modules for HURIS

Medical & Bio Verification

Worker’s bio medical requirement by the recruiting country

Identity & Permissions

Internal Controls, Identity & Permissions module

Data Quality, Backlist & Clearance

Internal Data Checks, Recruiting country blacklist & clearance management

Approvals & Visas

Recruitment & Visa Issuance Process by the Recruitment Country

Recruitment Agents

Recruitment Agents in both countries

Workers & Jobs

Worker’s Skills Database & Job Postings for required skills

HURIS // Predictive Analysis

  • How many manufacturing workers in Malaysia?
  • What is the percentage of workers in a specific sector?
  • Which city in Pakistan provides most construction workers?
  • Which job sector is most famous in kluang among workers?
  • how many manufacturing workers we are expecting next year?


National Human Development

Make a difference ….
Prosperity to the Nation

HURIS can act as the key to the success for any nation. All developed nations has evolved and improved by increasing their human development efforts.

United States has put in trillions of dollars during last half century which makes then world leader. Other great nations has taken the same steps and have improved the overall skills of their population, moving from un-skilled to highly skilled workforce.


What would you do???

Conclusion – Today was just the concepts…

We have only covered small part of it!!!

There is a lot more that can be achieved


Data Analytics

There are a mountain of analysis possible with the data mining procedures

Economic Growth

This will help us in achieving realistic economic indicators of growth in the sectors where foreign workers are concerned

Better Global Recognition

HURIS will help us portray a more responsible nation towards the global market when it omes to international standards of labor

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